Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I've written two Young Adult Contemporary Romance Novels, A Stubborn Heart and Undying Infatuation. A Stubborn Heart is 53,000 words and Undying Infatuation is 50,000 words. I am still seeking representation.
Rachel Harris just released her latest novel, You're Still the One.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kiss and Tell

He grabbed me and slammed me against the wall of the abandoned hallway. He pressed his lips fervently against mine. His tongue parted my lips, exploring the inside of my mouth. He grabbed my lower back. I dug my fingers into his soft waves of hair. My grip tightened on him, and he let out a small moan.

Teaser Tuesday

When he came back from bowling, he sat down and started running his fingers through his perfectly coiffed hair. I bet he had no idea how that small action affected me. It made me want to run my fingers through his hair. Next thing I knew, I found myself fantasizing about me kissing him and running my fingers through his hair. I’ve seen it done before. I bet I could do it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Flashy Coat Argument

When they got closer, I could hear what they were having an argument about--who has the best coat. Jennica was wearing a black trench coat with gold buttons. Coco was wearing a white fur coat and Claire was wearing a black coat with fur and a belt that ran across the waistline.
Jennica said in a snotty tone, “My coat is Michael Kors.”
Coco spoke up in a preppy voice, “Well, mine is real polar bear.”
Claire rolled her eyes and said, “Coco, I was with you when we bought that coat. It’s not even real fur.”